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cybexer pentest module

Penetration Testing Module

cybexer pentest module

If the penetration testers are working on a team, or if the managers or the ordering parties want to have an overview of that is the current status of the tests, there has been a lack of tooling to provide the functionality.

Our Pentest Module allows for a systematic approach to penetration testing with all of the relevant stakeholders having full overview of the current status of what systems are being tested, what vulnerabilities have been discovered and who is currently testing which systems. For penetration testers themselves, it allows the usage of templates to simplify the reporting of common systems vulnerabilities and has a reporting functionality to generate a full report for the customer’s management or technical personnel.


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CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded cybersecurity company. We empower organisations in their fight against cyber threats by focusing on the human aspect of cybersecurity.

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