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Live-Fire Exercises


Our flagship trainings are large-scale live-fire, Red vs Blue exercises that are hosted on our proprietary cyber ranges. Live-fire exercises create the most realistic feel of fighting off a persistent cyberattack for the technical personnel of any organization.

Notably, our cyber ranges include a cloud offering that allows to conduct exercises remotely across the globe in a matter of hours making highly realistic simulation exercises geographically and financially accessible for all potential clients.

The scenarios, incidents and technical artefacts for these exercises are one of the world’s most advanced and as close as possible to actual environments. We maintain an extensive library of pre-configured targets, allowing us to provide gamenets quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

An instrumental part in this is played by our cyber ranges that enabling us to develop advanced content for exercises due to their flexibility in terms of scale and content. With our proprietary orchestration software vLab Manager, we are able to virtualise and integrate essentially all types of technical equipment from traditional office network through industrial OT and SCADA systems up to complex mobile networks (4G and 5G) and physical machines like drones and oil-pumps. Furthermore, the scale of virtual machines is only limited by hardware and computing power which enables to run simultaneous exercises with a large number of participants without any risks.


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CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded cybersecurity company. We empower organisations in their fight against cyber threats by focusing on the human aspect of cybersecurity.

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