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Guardtime and European Space Agency (ESA) have joined forces to create a security and trust service for Earth observation (EO) data. EOGuard guarantees data integrity and immutability while mitigating risks of accidental data corruption. It processes errors and other vulnerabilities like security violation, data tampering or malicious interference in the databases.

Increase in EO data volumes, along with its variety and velocity, requires disruptive changes in the ways the data is stored and how users interact with EO products. EOGuard, with Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain as a backbone, can deliver proofs of the sequence and time of the entire data life cycle. EOGuard is compatible with a variety of satellite missions and data formats and is built to have minimal effect on existing systems and can be easily integrated. From data download, access, processing, distribution and change detection to revealing data provenance, EOGuard provides quality assurance to entire batches of EO data products. This is cyber-security and emerging technologies coming together to protect all critical networks and sensitive data.


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Guardtime is Europe’s leading deep-tech company founded with a mission to make the world’s information universally reliable. Guardtime’s portfolio includes a full-stack infrastructure for building zero-trust systems and a range of cybersecurity and complex data management products.

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