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Cybersecurity Trainings & Courses


Conducting cybersecurity training modules and courses at all levels is one of CybExer’s core competencies. To ensure maximum outcome of the trainings our courses are always accompanied by practical, hands-on activities within our powerful cyber ranges and lab environments. We offer a wealth of advanced customisable courses for seasoned cybersecurity personnel but also more standardised training programmes designed to develop novice specialist into professional experts.

At the centre of ourcompetence is our team who has developed, conducted and directed trainings across the globe and including at the NATO CCDCOE. It includes renowned specialists who have extensive experience from public and private CERTs, who have managed national crises from state-sponsored attacks, who have discovered CVEs, who have managed IT security for multinational companies and who have been responsible for the security of the world-leading Estonian mission-critical public services such as e-voting and ID card.


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CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded cybersecurity company. We empower organisations in their fight against cyber threats by focusing on the human aspect of cybersecurity.

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