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cybexer crisis management

Cyber Crisis Management

cybexer crisis management

Cyber threats are not an issue to be merely delegated to the IT department. Top government officials, company executives and political leaders all play an important role in managing and solving cyber threats and incidents. To help organisations in this, we provide engaging table-top exercises for simulating and training the strategic decision-making processes in managing cyber crises.

What sets us apart is our software platform called STRATEX (Strategic Exercise) that takes such exercises to a new level. It is instrumental in achieving meaningful engagement of the participants. This is in turn the key prerequisite to an impactful exercise that ultimately facilitates understanding of general cyber issues but also of the specific risks that an organisation is faced with, especially from the strategic decision-making perspective. STRATEX has been employed to organise complex, large-scale and high-visibility exercises. Our experience includes among other things V-VIP training events at the level of heads of states and ministers. The exercise contents are highly customisable and reflect the most up-to-date cyber threats.


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CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded cybersecurity company. We empower organisations in their fight against cyber threats by focusing on the human aspect of cybersecurity.

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