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Consultancy on national cyber security


A nation’s cyberspace, its digital society and e-services form a complex environment that cannot safely exist without solid cyber security.

eGA’s cyber security experts provide knowledge of the key elements of cyber security relevant to governments worldwide. These elements include activities like policy recommendations, analyses, training seminars both in person and online, cyber security drills, and other activities that are essential to prevent and respond effectively to cyber threats.

In line with the methodology of National Cyber Security Index, which is a systematic guide and tool for enhancing cyber security, we conduct maturity assessments of countries. Based on defined gaps we design appropriate strategies and regulations, conduct trainings, build up manuals and cooperation structures within governmental institutions and with critical service providers from the private sector.


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eGA is a non-profit think tank and consultancy organisation for empowering central and local government decision-makers to make digital transformation happen.

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