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EyeVi – Road Network Intelligence

AI-powered and automated 3D mapping platform for cost-efficient and fast data production

“EyeVi’s mission is to make road infrastructure management sustainable and cost-effective through digitalization. We provide road consultants and road asset managers computer-vision hardware and AI-driven SaaS to map and identify road infrastructure needs. Our mobile mapping solution has been developed with special emphasis on covering entire cities, municipalities, and even countries. The focus is on capturing real-life conditions and sustaining a regular update rate with cost-efficiency in mind.
With our solution, our clients can capture high-accuracy geospatial data from the field and use our data production pipeline to handle vast amounts of mileage with ease. Automated data processing and AI feature extraction make the whole data capture and production process cost-effective and fast. In comparison to manual image digitization or on-site visual assessment, our solution saves 50% in labor costs while achieving higher accuracy, all this with ten times the speed.
Through our AI-powered and automated 3D mapping platform, road consultants and asset managers can have a constant overview of the physical road network in maximum detail. Road defects, attributes, profiles, road signs, safety barriers, markings, crossroads, and so much more – everything necessary for predictive road maintenance, road asset and traffic management, safety auditing, and autonomous transportation. Moreover, the data captured can be used to benchmark other surveys and reused for other purposes. ”


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EyeVi provides computer-vision hardware and AI-driven SaaS for transport infrastructure management, surveying, consulting and solutions companies. Our mission is to make road infrastructure management sustainable through digitalization.

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