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Welcome to the Digiexpo

the gateway to Estonian e-solutions and the companies who can help you with finding the best digital transformation strategy for your needs

If for any reason you cannot make it to the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, we are happy to guide you through our Digiexpo – an interactive platform where you can explore Estonian digital innovations and get in touch with the leading tech companies who offer them.

“It’s nearly impossible to overstate the extent of Estonian digitization,” says The New Yorker. In fact, Estonia has built an efficient, secure, and transparent ecosystem where 99% of public services are online, including electronic voting and the declaration of taxes.

Whether you are looking for a solution at a governmental level or you are in need of expert advice and knowledge within a larger enterprise, together with the network of Estonian ICT companies we can cover a wide array of topics and industries.

In time, those Estonian IT & technology companies listed have already learned their lessons from developing a digital state, as well as have an extensive experience in implementing digital solutions in both Estonia and worldwide. Therefore, you can trust that Digiexpo will lead you to the top companies, and people, who can help and guide you with finding the best digital transformation strategy for your needs.

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