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On-Demand Mapping Technology


We are close to a digital data revolution and Estonia is in the forefront. Autonomous vehicles are driving around, drones are flying, and cities are getting more connected with smart solutions every day. 3D Data is currently collected monthly and soon, daily. The value of aforementioned digital data will erupt with the close reality of fully holistic smart cities, intelligent transportation systems, digital twins and more. Collecting digital data isn’t new or a challenge but doing it cost-effectively while extracting valuable combined information is. This is where EyeVi steps in with an AI platform and on-demand mobile mapping system to control the flow of data streams while processing raw data from multiple sources into meaningful insights.

The product encompasses sensor-agnostic mapping hardware set and a software package that enables an easy-to-use end-user platform through a bespoke processing pipeline. Raw data can be extrapolated, processed, and more than 20 features extracted.


Key Benefits:

  • AI – EyeVi Machine Learning algorithms have been developed in house from the ground up to be scalable and applicable on multiple verticals. It also allows us to use our client’s expert knowledge to infinitely retrain and optimize our AI on an exponential scale with minimal operational costs.
  • Experience – EyeVi team consist of GIS specialists who have worked on various mapping projects for the past 5 years. This key expertise is instrumental in their research and development.

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EyeVi provides on-demand mapping technology for transport infrastructure management, surveying, consulting and solutions companies. From modest beginnings to project cooperation’s across 5 continents, our mission is to make 3D mapping more accessible and infrastructure management more sustainable.

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