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Sharemind is an innovative, secure data analysis platform designed by Cybernetica. Sharemind allows data owners to use private data that may be blocked due to regulatory or proprietary restrictions. We can help protect data assets against internal and external threats, all while complying with current and incoming data protection regulations.

The Sharemind platform ingests encrypted data and produces encrypted outputs for the stakeholders, which can be useful in making data-driven decisions.

One key component of Sharemind’s process is that computing is done between a distributed network of servers. No analysis can be performed on the data by one independent actor, giving data owners privacy by design.

Applications of Sharemind
• Companies: customer analytics, profiling, linking with external databases
• Cloud/Mobile Services: services hindered by regulation
• Finance: collaborative credit scoring, fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), liquidity matching, customer on- and off-boarding
• Healthcare: access to data for clinical and medical research
• Policymakers: link and analyse information from state databases
• Governments: build anti-fraud systems for tax and welfare fraud

Sharemind is easy to integrate with new and existing information systems. Sharemind Server is a database and application server similar to other popular database offerings. The Sharemind Client Framework is used for creating custom applications for collecting and importing data and making queries.