of Estonians have an ID-card


use the internet regularly


digital signatures given so far. They help every citizen save 5 working days per year


Digital name of the citizen

Every Estonian has a government-issued digital identity. Everyone can safely identify themselves, digitally sign documents and use e-services with their ID-card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID. The ID card is the only mandatory ID document in Estonia. To date, ID cards have been issued to 98% of Estonia’s population. The ID card serves as digital access to all e-services offered in Estonia.

Some examples of how the e-ID is regularly used in Estonia:

• proving identity when logging into bank accounts

• enabling the digital signing of documents

• establishing a company and submitting tax declarations

• checking medical records and using the e-prescription service

• voting using the i-voting system

In Estonia, the identity of a person is based on a permanent individual ID code called the personal identification code. This is a unique combination of numbers based on the person’s gender and date of birth, allowing for the identification of a specific person. The code is not considered sensitive personal data, and it can be made public for identification purposes.

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